Elwood Rangers: Lakewood Force (Chapter 1)

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Elwood Rangers: Lakewood Force (Chapter 1) Empty Elwood Rangers: Lakewood Force (Chapter 1)

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Elwood Rangers: Lakewood Force

A/N~ Hey y’all! So I made us a new Arthur fanfic. It’s going to be morphinominal! As always, do read on and leave a review at the end of your reading session. I don’t necessarily know all about PR so if I have left some errors, do let me know if I missed out something.

I plan the kids to be teenagers in this fic.

Arthur is owned by Marc Brown, PBS Kids and 9Story Entertainment. Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands.

Chapter 1: The Power is Coming part 1

Somewhere, out in the farthest corners of the Milky Way…

“Earth. A vast, world, teeming with life. A world which is inhabited. We can enslave its population and then, find the very source of infinite power we have been searching for. With the power in my hands, nothing can stop us! This world, will soon be mine!”

“But dad… what about those two meanines? Sorceress Meeta and Lord Redd?”

“Ah yes… Those two nincompoops. Thorns in my side. And we all know what happens to thorns, right? But, for once, I’m feeling a bit generous. We shall allow them to try and take over Earth. If they managed to take the power, we’ll strike before they’ll even touch it. If they don’t, well, we’ll have to step in anyway. Either way, victory will be ours! Long live the Gizmo Empire!”

On the dark side of the Earth’s moon, there was a tall and odd-looking palace standing. It had a large orb with rings around it. It also had two towers on each side. Inside one of those towers, there laid a throne with a capital ‘R’ on it. Sitting on that throne, was a strange humanoid. His body was covered with red muscles which were surrounded by shiny silver bones. There was also a bright red aura glowing around him. He wore a mask with an ‘R’ sticking out on a crest. He sat proudly on his throne while stroking a pet snake, watching the planet Earth. Then, another humanoid being approached him. This time, it was a woman with sorceress clothing, wearing a big, domed hat on top and had a staff with a circular-shaped ring at the end. She bowed down to the evil lord. All he could do was place his hand at his chin.

“So, Grand Witch Meeta…” he said, with a bone-shivering voice. “Have you found the power that I seek?”

“Yes, Lord Redd.” answered Witch Meeta. “It is located within some district on that mudball called Earth."

“Very good.” Lord Redd held his forehead, as if he was not in the greatest of health. “I must regret to inform you that I must hibernate to regenerate my losing powers. That means you are in charge of taking care of stealing that power.” The Witch hid a small smile, unknown to Lord Redd, knowing that this was her time to take command. Lord Redd then transformed his snake into a staff of his own, with an ‘R’ at the end. Pointing it at Witch Meeta with red electric charges surging through it, he threatened her that should she fail, it will be her last time doing so. This scared the sorceress to the bone. “There shall be no mistakes this time, or I shall have you banished in a dumpster for all eternity. Understand?”

“Y-yes, my lord.” Finally, with his glowing red aura fading away, the evil Lord Redd was about to enter a deep stage of sleep. The laser-red eyes began to grow dimmer and dimmer until they, at last, shut down, signalling the lord’s deep slumber. Meeta rose to her feet, with her smile more obvious from the looks of things. Making sure that Redd was finally asleep, she poked him with her staff. No signs of movement.

“YES!!!” cheered the witch. “I’m in charge at last!” She teased the sleeping Lord Redd by pulling out her tongue.

“Now that you’re taking your ‘little’ nap, I shall take the power for myself and be the Empress of Evil!” With a loud cackle echoing away, Meeta’s position in the castle escalated. It was time to get this so-called power that was hidden on the planet Earth.

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, on a bright sunny day, there was a small, ordinary city in the heart of North America. A busy place known as Elwood City. Somewhere in that city, three kids were walking along a sidewalk, chatting away during their school break.

“Man, can’t believe summer’s finally here.” said Arthur Read. “Two whole months without doing anything.”

“You said it, pal.” said Buster Baxter, Arthur best friend. “Nothing to do but relax, relax and relax.”

“Not for me, though.” said a disappointed Francine. “My parents want me to spend quality time with family this vacation. They said I just spend too much time on the field and have to confine me in more “social” matters.”

“Why? Football is a social activity.” clarified Arthur.

“I know, but they think that I should do something that’s not so tiring or sweat-dropping. You know what I mean?”

“I’m sure you’ll have some little time to shoot some goals in.” Francine was feeling reassured, knowing that she will have time to hang out with people.

“I guess you’re right. But I can’t say the same for Muffy.” She pondered about her best friend, who was also having some schedule problems with her family. “She has to work part-time with her dad at Crosswire Motors throughout summer vacation. She’s not taking it very well.”

“You know what, I’m sure everyone’s busy with their own plans.” Soon, everyone’s thoughts were on the other students in their class. “What are they doing again?”

“Ummm…” thought Buster. “Brain’s got this expedition with those… um… fossil diggers.”

“You mean ‘palaeontologists’?”

“Yeah, That.” said Buster, embarrassed.

“And then, there’s Binky and the Tough Customers.” continued Francine. “They’re going to Japan on an outing together.”

“And George.” added Arthur. “He’s signed up for a voluntary rescue camp for teens to help firefighters and policemen. And Sue Ellen’s going on another trip with her parents to the Amazon.”

“Wow!” admired Buster. “They’re so lucky.” His face then showed disappointment. “But you know what sucks more.”
“Buster, we talked about this.”

“But she’s going to space! How can I not be jealous? She’ll probably get to see aliens up there!” Everyone could not help but feel Buster’s envy. They thought it would be impossible for anyone to spend their time in the stars. They thought Fern had the coolest trip for vacation. But at the same time, they actually felt sorry for her.

“You know, guys? We should assume that Fern’s not enjoying this any more than we are. I mean, can you imagine, living there?”

“Her dad was chosen to be some of the first humans to be part of a space colony. Earth’s first. And he had to take the whole family too. I’m sure she’d be homesick. Very homesick at that.”

“I know you what you mean.” said Francine, somehow sadly. “Living in space for five long years. You know, I usually don’t get along with her all this time, I… I think… I’m gonna miss her.”

“So will I.” agreed Arthur. “I’ll miss everyone.”

“Hey, look on the bright side.” assured Buster. “At least there’s Prunella, Alex, Maria, Jenna and Ladonna to hang around with.”

“That’s true.” said Francine. “But I’m sure Prunella’s got her little ‘magical ceremonies’.” she added with sarcasm.

“And Alex and Maria. I don’t really hang out with them, even since third grade. And didn’t you hear? Jenna’s going to China for a temple stay.”

“Oh right. I forgot about that.”

“Oh, and Ladonna’s going to attend some dirt bike derby down south.” With no other probable option, the three just stayed quiet.

“So…” said Buster. “It’s just the four of us, then?”

“Afraid so, Buster.” replied Arthur, equally sad. “But we tend to have the most fun, the four of us, right?” Even with Arthur’s point, the gang couldn’t properly adjust to the lack of society this summer vacation. Then, Francine smiled, hoping to arouse some spirit to the boys.

“Awww, cheer up guys. We’ll just try and do what Arthur said. Even if… we do get extra busy…”

“We’ll find a way. Come on. Let’s head over to my place.” They walked on to Arthur’s house, hoping to dispel their quietness and loneliness. Just like that, another ordinary day went by for them. Could there be something different or special for them to do this vacation?

The next morning, Arthur and his friends have gathered around outside a large complex, bigger than anything anyone has ever seen, out in the open fields. Followed by a smaller entranceway, there was a huge dome next to it. Outside, there were hundreds, if not thousands of people, were also here and there, along with festive decorations of many colours. At the large entranceway, there was a big banner that had the words, “Farewell, Future Colonists of the Stars!” There were people talking to each other, having conversations before some of them were about to take the epic journey to space. Those people were wearing space uniforms. Among them was a teenage girl who was talking to Arthur and his friends. She was Fern Walters. Her parents were talking to the other fathers and mothers while she tended to her classmates. Some showed signs of jealously while others displayed worry or admiration in their faces. Fern was feeling quite sad herself. She was about to embark on the quest to prove humanity that life in space is possible. That would mean she had to be away from her friends for a very, very long time. She looked at them all, holding back her sadness.

“Gee, guys.” she began. “I didn’t really want it to be like this.”

“Fern!” exclaimed Buster. “You’re about to go into the stars! How can you not be excited?” He was followed by everyone else, who also thought Fern had the greatest trip of all.

“Yeah. But I… I might not see you guys for a real long while.”

“That’s not true.” said Alan powers, or as everyone called him, the Brain. “I heard they were able to construct intergalactic communicators. They’re giving us free ones soon. We can all get a chance to see what it’s like to be in space.” Fern did feel a little better, but the sadness was still overwhelming her. Suddenly, there was an announcement made by radio control.

“Attention. All space colonists on the flight ‘Terra Venture’, please report to stations immediately. Do say your farewells and proceed to the station. Fern looked back at her friends with grief.

“Well. That’s my call.” She walked to every one of her friends, bidding her farewells to them, starting with Arthur and Buster. “Arthur, Buster, you two stay cool and all the best in Mr. Ernie’s class.”

“You got it.” cheered Arthur and Buster. “And do tell the aliens I said hi.” added Buster. Fern giggled a little and nodded.

“I will. Francine, I know you and I don’t get along. But I just you to know. I will miss your awesome football skills, your baseball try-outs, even your bossiness.” Francine pretended to not care.

“Hmph. I don’t need your sentiment.” But Fern knew Francine’s true feelings by just looking at her face for symptoms and she knew Francine meant otherwise. She continued on.

“Brain. You have fun with your dino hunts.”

“Will do my best.” said the Brain.

“Binky, take care in Japan. Who knows what mysteries you’ll find there.”

“Uhuh.” said Binky. “Maybe I’ll find a ninja hideout or something.”

“Maybe.” Fern gave a wink to him. “And send the other Customers my regards. Sue Ellen.” Fern moved to hug one of her closest friends. Both shed a few tears. “I’m really going to miss you very much.”

“Me too, Ferny.” sulked Sue Ellen. “Don’t worry. I’ll fetch me an anaconda for you when you come visit.” Fern felt a little awkward at first, but she smiled in amusement.

“Uh. Thanks. Muffy, good luck with your job with your dad. I hope you’ll earn tons.” Muffy sniffed and sobbed.

“Oh, Fern. You’re growing up so fast.” She took a bundle of dollars from her pocket and gave it to Fern. “Here. Have this. You’ll probably need it.” But Fern returned the money to her.

“No thanks, Muffy. I already have friends like you to keep me happy. No money can buy that."

“So true. So true.” She soon said her goodbyes to the other kids, save for one. Fern looked down after saying farewell to the last friend she saw.

“What’s wrong, Fern?” asked the Brain.

“You not crying again, are you?” added Buster.

“No. It’s just…” Fern sighed. “It’s nothing.” With a look at the entrance to the building, she saw her parents were about to finish chatting with the other adults. She looked back at her friends. “Well, this is it.” She began to walk away from her friends as they waved their goodbyes. Her friends returned to their parents. Fern walked on and on to join her parents.

“Maybe George went to his rescue camp. I’m sure the others can say goodbye for me.” Just then, a sudden call for her name.

“Wait, Fern!” She quickly look back to find a boy running towards her. It was George Lundgren. He ran and ran until suddenly, he tripped over someone else’s foot. He fell to the ground. Fern ran towards him to help him up. She felt elated by his sudden arrival. George stood back up on his feet.

“You made it!” cheered Fern.

“Yeah. Sorry I’m late. The road was real busy.”

“Well, glad you came. But…” She returned to her disappointed self. “I have to go now.” George felt pained.

“Oh… already? Well… no use stalling you then.”

“But I do have time for one more goodbye. You take care in rescue camp. I heard they have some rigorous training there.”

“I’m sure I can take it.”

“Fern.” called out Fern’s mother in the distance. It was time for her to go. Fern looked back at George, frowning.

“Well. This is it.” she said, with sorrow.

“Alright then.” said George, just as sad. He held out his hand to shake Fern’s. Suddenly, Fern wrapped her arms around him in a hug, causing him to blush red. All he could do was do the same and return the hug. They separated after a few seconds, still unsure how to part. “Goodbye.”

“See ya, Bastings. Till we meet again.” After a wave of goodbye, Fern finally walked to join her parents. George watched on as Fern began to walk away, disappearing from his sights as crowds of people joined them into the station. He shed a small tear and wiped it off. He then walked back down the stairs to his parents who were also chatting with the adults on their way down to the viewing area to spectate the launching of the Terra Venture.
Fern, in the meantime, was carrying some of the luggage her parents brought along for the trip, walking along the catwalks to board the Terra Venture. She let out a few tears, thinking about all her friends and everyone else left behind. A pat on the back by her father reassured her that everything will be alright. She smiled softly as they boarded the mighty and impressive domed colony space station. It had four glass domes containing land-masses of different terrains, including deserts, jungles and urban cities. There was also one with a large body of water in it, indicating an ocean. Once the last person is on board, a countdown was initiated, signalling the take-off sequence. Inside a room deep within the station, Fern and her parents entered in a pod each. The glass door on each of them closed down on them as a stream of gas filled the inside. Soon, their eyes began to close and feel instantly sleepy. Finally, seconds later, they fell asleep, hibernating for the journey through orbit.

Outside the station, in a group of stands far out in the fields, people gathered to witness the take-off of the Terra Venture.

"Five." The countdown to take-off was about to end.





After the countdown had ended, rocket-powered engines from underneath the space station ignited with full blasts. The station began to lift off towards the opening roof. The hatches opened up, giving way for the giant space station to finally leave the landing zone.

People outside began to witness the mighty space station ascend to the skies. All eyes were focused as people continued to pray and hope for the Terra Venture to safely make it into orbit. The station came to view as it left the opened dome with cruising speed before accelerating to the clear blue sky. As it finally reached and disappeared into the clouds, the spectators below can be sure that everyone on board had reached the orbit by then, giving them reason to celebrate the successful take-off of the Terra Venture. Everyone below were joyously cheering on as confetti dropped and fireworks flying and exploding in the sky.

It was the beginning of a new era for mankind.

“Till we meet again.” said George, hoping for the best that his closest friend lives life in the stars to the fullest.

The Terra Venture passed the moon. Unbeknownst to everyone on board, there was the tall dark palace on the dark side of the moon. Inside one of the towers, hid the lair of the Grand Witch Meeta Repulsive. The sorceress was walking towards the balcony of the tower with pride and excitement.

“AHAHAHA!!!” she cackled loudly, surprising two of her goons, Squash, a rather short and fat pig-like troll, and Baboon, a hybrid bat and monkey. There was also Doctor Fist, a green-skinned leprechaun-looking elderly alien. Meeta looked at Earth from the balcony, confident of grabbing Earth to her clutches. “Now that Lord Redd is enjoying his beauty sleep, I will devise a plan to obtain the mystical power I’ve been searching for.”

“Ooohhh, sounds exciting!” blabbered Squash.

“Most brilliant, Witch Meeta!” complimented Baboon. But the remark made Meeta furious and she pointed her staff at him, spooking the two henchmen.

“From now on, you will not call me Witch Meeta. I am now your Queen and soon, I shall be the Empress of Evil!” She cackled proudly again. “So, how shall I begin my conquest of this wretched planet and get the ultimate power?” Doctor Fist approached her, about to give her a suggestion.

“Perhaps these should do the job.” He held out his hand and revealed a bunch of dolls on his palm. Meeta took them and looked at them with interest.

“Ahhh. We unleash the Dummies to find it! What a great plan!” She arranged the Dummy dolls along a line. She then stepped back and waved her staff round and round. “Magic Staff of Pure Conjuration. Make these Dummies grow!” The staff soon emitted an energy ray and blasted the dolls. They began to have an electric force surrounding them all. Suddenly, the dolls began to glow bright and grow in size until they were the size of an average human. At once, their limbs began to move. The light that covered them faded away in an instant and their physical appearances were finally seen as hyper-active henchmen for Witch Meeta. These ugly-faced foot-soldiers stood at attention in front of her.

“Ah! My warriors! Get down there and steal the ultimate power for me! Now!” The Dummies complied as Meeta opened a portal. They ran frantically towards it, vanishing off into it. Meeta turned back to view her telescope to view her men’s progress. “Alright. Let us see where to find the one being who holds the power in his hands.” Now all she had to do was to await her Dummies to deal with the bearer of the mysterious power.

Coming back down to Earth, in the middle of a desert, a plane flew over in the skies. In the plane, a young boy was happily playing with an action figure at the window, imagining that his toy was a real superhero flying in the scenery outside. Just then, the sudden sound of a food trolley coming by distracted him from his playtime.

However, it was in that moment that he failed to realize something extraordinary happening outside. In a blink of an eye, something zoomed right past the plane as if it moved within the speed of light. The boy turned back to the window, resuming the fun of his toy without ever realizing on what had happened.

And about that object, it went zooming past the plane in an instant. Then, at one point, it began to slow down, and that’s when it was shown that the object was actually a person. His visual appearance could clearly be seen. He looked exactly like the action figure in the plane. Two long ears, a red cape, a blue uniform and above all, a red antenna top on his head. His uniform had a yellow circle with a red letter ‘R’. In fact, this strange flying man was the same character as the toy. His name was…

…Bionic Bunny, Earth’s greatest superhero.

Suddenly, his antenna began to twitch intensely.

“Hmmm… my bionic senses are twitching. Sounds like trouble is just around the corner. Have no fear! Bionic Bunny to the rescue!” With another hyper-dash, Bionic Bunny sped off to where the source of the trouble was.
In a minute, he arrived down on a barren, desert mesa. Bionic Bunny scanned the area for any trouble. But to his curiosity, there was not a single sign of trouble. Not even any traces left behind. Bionic Bunny scratched his head, baffled from what he was seeing.

“That’s weird.” said Bionic Bunny. “I could’ve sworn I detected some mischief here.” However, he looked up to find his antenna still wiggling. Something just wasn’t right for Bionic Bunny. Maybe his antenna was faulty, he thought. Unfortunately, it didn’t take him long to realize that his antenna wasn’t malfunctioning. Suddenly, from behind him, sounds of cries that sound like underwater garbling filled the quiet scene. He turned around to find a group of seven Dummy warriors jumping into action. They came together as they were ready to fight Bionic Bunny. Looking at the warriors, Bionic Bunny’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Dummy warriors? Here? On Earth?” There was something about the Dummies that gave Bionic Bunny the chills. He had faced many villains before on Earth and fought them with great confidence. But these Dummy warriors were somehow making him feel concerned. Were these goons something of a bad memory?

Bionic Bunny prepared his fists nevertheless, ready for a fight. The Dummy warriors then charged at him altogether. Bionic Bunny defended himself by blocking the blows from the Dummies. He then began to individually pick off a Dummy one by one by isolating one from the group and dealing with them. He gave the first Dummy with a Power Punch, and another with his laser eyes. When two came at him with combined punches, he was able to grab their fists before they could lay a single attack on him. He then brushed those fists away and slammed their heads together, knocking them out. A Dummy tried to take out a blaster and shot a laser bullet at Bionic Bunny, but the superhero’s body was able to reflect the blast. Looking at the Dummy, Bionic Bunny charged at him, soaring at him at high speed before giving one nasty punch to the face, sending the Dummy flying towards a cliff wall before he crashed into it.

“Five down, two to go.” A Dummy tried to grab him from behind by jumping on his back. Bionic Bunny tried to shake him off, moving his body around while trying to get a hold on him. However, while he was struggling, the other last Dummy took his blaster out and tried to shoot Bionic Bunny behind his back. But the superhero sensed the danger and was able to grab the first Dummy and threw him at the other. Both crashed to the ground, dizzy from the force of the throw. Bionic Bunny then proceeded to dig into the ground with his two hands and lifted a large chunk of dirt from it and threw it at them. The two Dummies recovered from their fall, but too late to notice the heavy and sheer weight of dirt and rock being hurled at them.

“Uh oh…” they sighed before being crushed underneath the chunk. All the other downed Dummies soon vaporized into the air, defeated by the heroism of Bionic Bunny.

With the situation under control, Bionic Bunny dusted his hands off the dirt and gloated for the victory. But the victorious feeling was short-lived. The Dummies’ appearance on Earth was somewhat worrisome for Bionic Bunny.

“If these Dummies are here, then that means…”

Then, without warning, there was a sprinkling of some powder drifted down on him. Suddenly, Bionic Bunny’s nose began to feel itchy all over his body. Soon, he found himself scratching himself everywhere! It began to feel worse and worse and eventually his throat began to feel swollen. He couldn’t stop scratching as much as he tried. It could only mean one thing for Bionic Bunny.

“Oh no! It’s sodium chloride! My greatest weakness!” The feeling soon overwhelmed him. He fell to the ground, unable to control the itchiness and the swelling of the throat. Struggling to get back up, his attention soon turned to an evil cackle from behind him. When he saw where it came from, he was devastated! The one person he dreaded to see in his life. The one person all things evil.

“Grand Witch Meeta!” The sorceress of evil finally emerged to the scene. She slowly stepped towards the weakened superhero with glee. She could not resist smiling at the face of Bionic Bunny at his weakest. She laughed on some more, taunting the fallen hero.

“How do you like my salty surprise, Bunny?” she teased.

“But, but how?” uttered Bionic Bunny, with a coarse voice. “How are you here on Earth?”

“Ah. What would you like to know?”

“Wait.” added Bionic Bunny, realizing another chilling theory. “If you’re here, then… that means Lord Redd is here too!”

“Oh, him. He’s out of order right now. But, that doesn’t mean you can hold your special gift for long.”

“You…” Bionic Bunny let out a cough. “You want the ultimate power, don’t you?”

“Why yes!” Meeta exclaimed. “How good of you to notice. Now, hold still.” She then summoned her staff and pointed it at Bionic Bunny.

“Wait. No!” Bionic Bunny was soon lifted into the air. Then, a charge of electricity shocked the superhero. “ARGH!!!” He cried out in pain as the zapping pain surged into his body. After a few seconds of pure shocking pain, he fell to the ground, weaker than before. And just when it couldn’t get any worse. Meeta then charged up her staff and fired a ray of blinding light on Bionic Bunny. The light flashed at him so brightly that he was not able to see anything.

Soon, he began to feel as if though his energy was being drained away. And that was exactly what was happening. The evil witch was sucking up all his powers! Bionic Bunny began to feel much more indisposed as his energy was helplessly being drained away.

“AHAHAHA!!!” cackled the witch as she continued to drain Bionic Bunny of his energy. There was nothing Bionic Bunny could do but succumb to the evil ways of Grand Witch Bandora.

“NOOOOO!!!!” Suddenly, when all of the energy was about to be sucked out, a bright flash of light lit the area where Bionic Bunny was. The witch was blinded by it for a while. Then, when she opened her eyes, she was astonished to find that Bionic Bunny…

…was gone! She picked up her staff, which the red orb on the large ring was flashing brighter. She was not really surprised by the turn of events.

“Well, I didn’t expect that to happen.” she said to herself. Suddenly, a mischievous grin formed on her face. “But none of that matters now. I have finally destroyed the very thing that gets in the way of evil. The very person that Lord Redd could not even destroy for himself. I have defeated Bionic Bunny forever! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! And not only that. I also have the ultimate powers I need to conquer the universe! MWAHAHAHA!!!! AHAHAHA!!!!!” She walked off before teleporting away from the carnage left behind.

But then, unknown to her, something happened. On the ground from where Bionic Bunny disappeared, there was a bright light phasing out of the ground. In that light now up in the sky, thousands of tiny bits of minerals began to form a crystal. A crystal which then broke up into several smaller pieces. These pieces were soon sent zooming off into different directions. Through several parts of the world, the pieces of the crystal soon landed into these areas. And out of the blue, some of the pieces landed in the same area; a local city somewhere in North America. One landed right behind an empty alleyway while the rest were not to be seen. The piece landed right into next to a garbage dumpster, where no one could see it, unless they could see it glow. But now, shortly after landing, the glowing began to fade away as the piece and the power inside it, lay dormant.

Is it true? Is Bionic Bunny finally dead? If so, then how will the world defend itself from the evil forces of Grand Witch Meeta who now has the ultimate power in her hands? Find out on the next episode!

A/N~ So, there you have it! My first attempt at a Power Rangers fanfic crossover with Arthur.

The idea came when I was watching the Arthur episode, “Arthur’s Tooth” when they showed a parody of PR teaching kids on how to keep your teeth clean. Then, it hit me when I decided to do some artwork on the characters as different rangers of different seasons.

Elwood Rangers: Lakewood Force (Chapter 1) Arthur10

Out of all this, then I finally decided to start this story. It will cost me time with my other fanfics, but I’ll be sure to update the, as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!


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Great job! And splendid job on the art!
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