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Post by FreemanFanfiction on Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:43 am

Fanfiction Warning: This story contains contents not suitable for children. Contents Include: Violence, Blood, Language, Spankings (no bare bottoms), Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco and Sexual Themes.

All rights go to their rightful owners.

Reader Discretion Is Advised.

I, Turlough Freeman of FreemanFanfiction, bring you a Arthur fanfic story called Andrew Reckless.


16 year old Arthur Read (Or Andrew Reckless as we will call him in the story) is in a empty room. Sitting in front of him is a middle aged male sheep. Currently, he's agreed to do a interview with a famous daytime talk show host about his latest published book.

"So you're probably asking yourself how a handsome guy like me ended up in a place like this with you, right? Alright, i'll tell you the whole story, but i warned you, it ain't pretty. It may all be hard to believe, but this face has seen a whole lot worse. So i guess i should start with that damn smoke shop across Mill Creek Mall. The place was run by a woman named Sarah Anderson along with her son, Henry. I met Henry after a bad week in school and got myself involved in smoking. It wasn't long however, before i ended up doing the dirty work of a crooked police named Gary Mcknight who was using the smoke shop as a front for his black market operations to fund his campaign for the mayor's office. To make a long story short, the guilt caught up with me and i decided to end the bastard's schemes for good. But my redemption however, came at a price. All my friends, including my best friend Buster, has ditched me when Muffy started spreading lies about me, accusing me of murder if you can believe that little bitch. I was broken all over, but anger and rage took over and i decided to make everybody's life a living hell, and that went double for Muffy. I gave up being Arthur Read and became Andrew Reckless, my bad boy alter ego...

Story begins in the first chapter...

Before we go to the story, i like to give credit and thanks to RubyandSapphire for her OC named Annabelle Smith and Travis 2016 for his OC named Miss. Sparkles. And also and i do mean this personally, Thank you TimmyTurnerFan (aka WillArthurBusterandCarl50) for his well needed help and wonderful artwork. As for me, i only came up with three OCs so far, but might come up with more soon.

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Andrew Reckless Empty Chapter 1

Post by FreemanFanfiction on Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:46 am

Chapter 1...

Arthur continues on with his story...

"Yeah, i did a lot of bad stuff over the past couple of years, bullying, picking fights, you know, the usual. But every horrible deed i done, it brings back the guilt, it tortured me day and night. In my dreams the skeletons of those i hurted haunted me, chasing me wherever i go. But worst of all.. every once in a while, my emotions consumes me and i break down in rage, destroying everything and hurting anyone in my path, i break down crying after it ends. These breakdowns drove me crazy, sometimes i wanted to kill myself and end it all, but i couldn't do it. Luckily for me however, my parents were able to get me the help i need, but i only did it for my sisters' sake... And for my little brother Andy. The meds they gave me helped stop the breakdowns, but it never ended my everlasting pain and suffering, i know deep inside that it will be stuck with me for the rest of my life..."

In Elwood City High School, school was over for today. Students files out of their classroom and prepare to leave.. except for Arthur (aka Andrew) who must stay behind and help his dad deliver some food to Lakewood Elmentary School for their carnival. Once finished, they drove together to the elementary school. Andrew was silent throughout the trip, but after a little while, Mr. Read decided to talk to his son...

"Arthur... your mother and i are really worried about you. You been dodging most of your partners at school and you been gone from the house most days."

"Dad, i been terrible to everyone. Some of them don't want to be near me, while most of them are scared of me." Said Arthur. "And it's all because Muffy had to spread lies about me. I swear that damn girl has been pulling every type of crap on me for the past five years. She even tried to blackmail me. Even after i got my anxiety contained and went through rehab, they still turn me down, no matter how hard i tried to be nice. But... after Molly died, i see no reason to try anymore. I have nothing now."

Arthur will never forget that fateful day. he got home from a party when he got the news that Molly got gunned down in a drive by shooting and he had to rush to the scene. Once there, he saw her dead body on the sidewalk. Realizing that his lover is gone, Arthur slumped to his knees, his eyes soaked in tears, as she is carried away in a body bag.

Arthur do however, remembers another girl he hangs out with, a chubby grey cat named Annabelle Smith, (I hope you don't mind RubyandSapphire) who wears glasses like him, and is a emo. He would have been less miserable if her parents haven't sent her to a reform school after catching their daughter giving him a blowjob on the living room couch.

Arthur and his dad soon arrived at the elementary school. Once they got the food ready for the carnival, Arthur takes off when his dad is not watching, but he stopped short when he saw his sister, Kate enjoying her time at the carnival with her friend Mei Lin. When Kate sees Arthur, she waves at him, and ran to him to give him a hug. Mei Lin approached the siblings and watched.

"Glad you came, Arthur." Said Kate. "I hope you stay around this time, i really do."

"Kate, you know i'm not making any promises." Arthur said to his sister. Just as he is about to leave, a beautiful young adult auburn haired rabbit woman greets the group.

"Hello, girls. I hope you're doing well." Said the woman. She looks at Arthur and said... "Hello there, you must be Arthur. Kate has told me a lot about you. My name is Miss. Linda Sparkles."

"Pleased to meet you." Arthur greeted the woman. Mr. Ratburn soon approached the group and greeted them.

"Hello, everyone."

"Oh, hello, Mr. Ratburn." Miss. Sparkles greeted. "You still remember Arthur, right?"

"Of course, Miss Sparkles." Said Mr. Ratburn. "A pleasure to see you, Arthur, it's been a long time."

"Yeah, you're right, it has been." Said Arthur.

"Yes, well, i'm glad that you were able to attend the carnival with your sister and your father. By the way, i heard about your anxiety and your time in rehabilitation. Has the treatment been efficient toward you?"

"Well, the meds they gave me stopped the breakdowns." Said Arthur. "Even if i want to reconnect with my ex friends, i can't. They still hate me."

"You're still together with Francine, right?" Asked Miss. Sparkles.

"Yes, but we broke up two years ago." Arthur explained. "Her parents believe i was trouble to their daughter, and with them always breathing down our necks, there was little we can do to maintain our relationship."

"I can see your point there." Said Mr. Ratburn.

After a few minutes of talking, the group went back to the carnival. Arthur left the carnival early after spending a few moments and went to the MacDonald residence and knocked on the door. Answering the door was Lulu, The MacDonalds' 4 year old daughter, she was a dog like her mother.

"Hi, Lulu, is James home?" Asked Arthur.

"Sure, he's holed up in his room, as always." Lulu answered. "Come on in."

Arthur went to James' bedroom door and knocked on it. James opened the door and let Arthur in. Once seated, they began to talk...

"You miss Molly, do you?" Asked James. Arthur nodded yes.

"I just feel rotten without her. My whole life has become meaningless." Said Arthur. James places his hand on Arthur's shoulder.

"I understand. I miss her too." Said James. "Who could have taken her away from us?"

"I don't know, but i want to find that out myself." Said Arthur.

Arthur left the MacDonald house an hour later and went to his hideout. His hideout is an abandoned mobile home a few miles from the city dump. At first, the place was in despair, but Arthur was able to learn the skills he needs to clean and fix it up thanks to his days spent studying in the library. But the work however, was difficult, when there's only one person, and it is costly. To get the money for the materials, Arthur sets up a garden and began growing ingredients and selling them to a brewer who lives in a unused train at the city trainyard. Once the mobile home was fixed up, Arthur begun working on installing solar panels to the roof and a windmill, which are plugged into a electric generator he built at shop class. Next, he built a compost outhouse, and lastly, a rainwater collector and hooked it into the bathtub. After a couple of months, Arthur got started with furnishing the mobile home with cheap furniture built by the workers at the city dump with the discarded parts and materials they collected and recycled.

Arthur opened his mini fridge a pulled out a soda. A few years ago, he turned to drinking alcohol to escape from his misery, the mini fridge was usually filled with beer, whiskey and other booze, but it has since been confiscated by the city dump workers during his time in rehab. Once he got out, he heard that his brewer partner was shot by some hitman.

Arthur takes another drink of his soda while reading one of his books from school. He hates to admit it, but his life was never the same without his best friend Buster, or his girlfriend Francine, the very thought brings tears to his eyes.

Arthur returns home sometime later. He told his parents he was out studying before going upstairs to his room, the room he now shares with his little brother Andy. Once in his room, he puts his backpack down and laid down on his bed. Andy came in the room a short time later and went to cuddle with his big brother. He was once afraid of him, he used to spank DW, and sometimes threatened him and Kate, but their pleads always prevented him from hurting them, but once he finished his time in rehab and got his anxiety under control, life in the family returned to normal. DW moved on with her life once Arthur has forgiven her betrayal, and Arthur and Andy has formed a strong brotherly bond.

"I love you, big bro." Said Andy while he snuggles with his brother. Arthur smiles and he kissed his Andy's forehead.

To be continued...

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Post by WillArthurBusterandCarl50 on Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:21 am

I read your story to let you know.

If any of you want to know what Andrew Reckless looks like, this is him:
Andrew Reckless Andrew10

Drawing (c) Yours Truly
Andrew Reckless (c) Turlough Freeman, author of this story
Arthur Read (C) Marc Brown, PBS, WGBH and other rightful owners.

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