Very Strange Arthur Dream I Had, About Bo Baxter

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Very Strange Arthur Dream I Had, About Bo Baxter Empty Very Strange Arthur Dream I Had, About Bo Baxter

Post by WillArthurBusterandCarl50 on Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:31 am

You are not going to believe this, well maybe you will, but I dreamt that Buster's father, Bo Baxter, was Smoking a cigarette! Whoa! I did not expect that. And I thought I was really seeing him smoke a cigarette on an Arthur episode!

I should have known I was dreaming because they don't show smoking on Arthur! In my dream though, I wasn't that surprised because in one of the Arthur books, the one about Arthur's baby sister Kate (I didn't read that book, least I don't remember doing so, I saw it in the And Now A Word from Marc Brown segments where he talks about hiding the names of his kids Eliza, Tucker, and Tolon, and named some of the baby aardvarks after his kids. But there's also a sign saying "No Smoking," which has been featured in some kids books or kid shows, at least classic cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. And this book I have called "Arthur's Loose Tooth" (not the aardvark, the chimp, whom I knew about before I found out about the aardvark) by Lilian Hoban. In that book, Arthur's father (who is mentioned but not shown, has a pipe stand, indicating he smokes.) But if there was a "No Smoking" in one of Marc Brown's Arthur books, that could indicate that Arthur characters, at least in the book series, smoke cigarettes, only it's not shown, I don't think.

I've never seen smoking on Arthur, but Arthur has featured some crazy and out-of-bounds content, like swearing in "Bleep," Arthur going into the girl's bathroom, (Arthur's Eyes) and Francine and once Muffy going into the boy's bathroom, and twice Binky was there, ("The Lousy Week" and "Feeling Flush"), in another episode "Buster's Comet," a brown male third grade dog was seen zipping up his pants as Buster was talking to him. And in "Arthur's Underwear" Binky, Arthur, and Buster, were depicted in their underwear (also in one of the Arthur books that's about just that). Then Arthur hitting his sister "Arthur's Big Hit" and there's a lot of controversy about that. And I don't know which episode this was, probably the one about Arthur trying to lose weight, but zipping up his pants in front of DW. In Arthur's Pet Business, DW runs out of the bath-tub with the top of her rear end showing, and later in the Season 16 episode "The Best Day Ever," baby Arthur's diaper falls down revealing his butt! And (I didn't see this, I was told about this) in Arthur's Perfect Christmas, DW sees Arthur standing to urinate and accidently commits voyeurism (actually there's no way you can accidently do that, but other than saying "seeing, well you know," I don't know how else to put it.) And they did show urinals in two of the Season 5 Episodes "The Lousy Week" and "Double Dared" (in the latter episode, Arthur and Buster were trying to pull Francine into the school through the boy's room). I'm not offended by the urinals being put in and wouldn't mind if they did that again in later episodes. Anyway, and Mr. Sipple running out to DW in his underwear in "DW Rides Again."
I also saw in the book "Arthur Goes to Camp" on a page where Arthur, Buster, and the Brain are buff naked and hiding their private areas because their clothes were stolen or something, and Arthur, Buster, and Brain looked more like conventional animals, yet still anthropomorphic, than like they do today.

So Arthur, the book series and TV series has featured a lot of crazy things. Am I missing any? But I dreamt Bo Baxter was smoking in an Arthur episode! I'm shocked but it comes as no surprise. I don't think it was that Arthur fanfic "Up in Smoke" that triggered it.

I did have another dream of Arthur and this one was better. I imagined myself sitting on a swing next to Arthur himself, or maybe I really was with him (in my dream that is) and we were swinging. During that time, I was also thinking about that song "Everything you Want," by Vertical Horizon, and in my dream I added a new third verse and made the existing third verse a fourth verse so the song was extended in my dream. (And I like that song, heard it since I was 14 or 15 and during or after 8th grade).

But wow, I cannot believe Bo was smoking in my dream! I mean it'd have been one thing if I saw him in person and he was smoking, and I had a few dreams of seeing Bo in person, of course that wouldn't have been any better, but to see him smoking in an Arthur episode. I know this didn't really happen but it felt real!

Could have been worse and I had a worse Arthur dream than that, where two of the characters, I won't say which, were passing gas into balloons! Yuck!

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