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Post by TheUltimateCombo on Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:24 am

The One True Pairing(OTP) or pairings(OTPs) are a person's favorite ships. So this is for not just Arthur(the character), but all the residents of Elwood City(sans married parents, like Bitzi counts, but not David).

So My OTPs, and a bit of explanation. PS: These have my own coined terms, feel free to use, I'm a revolutionary.

CatVark(Arthur x Sue Ellen)

Okay, so anyone who knows I'm into Arthur knows this is my OTP that transcends most other fandoms, aside from Spongebob pairings. But why do an Aardvark and a Cat give me the cuddles?

The Reason:

When I first saw the episode Sue Ellen's Diary, or whatever it was called, when Sue Ellen tells Arthur he might've seen some nice things about him in there, and he blushes, even my 6-year old brain could piece them together. I was a matchmaker from small people.

But I know that's not a lot of substance for a pairing. There's more. There's a reason I don't see Arthur and Francine as more than friends(or failed lovers). They're too close. Sure, that sounds dumb, but who would you rather fall for? You best friend? Or the girl/guy who sits at the third table from the left? Arthur and Sue Ellen aren't too distant, that's true, but they're far from the closest of friends. She's second tier, alongside Fern and George. The big four are Arthur, Buster, Muffy, and Francine. Not sure where Brain and Binky would go... second tier as well. Jenna, Prunella are third tier, etc.

No within the big four, people like to match-make, and that's fine, and sometimes close friend pairings work. And sometimes they fail, badly. But this is not a hate topic, this is an explanatory blurb. My point is, Arthur and Sue Ellen have stuff to learn about each other. Francine and Arthur wouldn't have dates, they'd just be a couple in word only. Relationships require a certain growth that fairly close yet fairly distant people can achieve.

But what about?:
There'll always be the detractors. He-who-shant-be-named always pointed me to the episode where Arthur teases Sue Ellen.

To put this down for good. Despite us pairing them up now, let's remember that we're looking into their mature future. They're not gonna kiss, hold hands, or anything like that. They're eight. Eight year olds tease, and heck, Sue Ellen's sweater was butt ugly. I might not have teased her, but I see why an undisciplined child would. Undisciplined as in he can't hold it in, not as in bad parenting. These same people forget that Francine mercilessly ripped Arthur apart in the episode where he got glasses. But that's cute for some reason...

Another quote of ArCine fans is the look ahead where they're married. Fair point, but trust me, look aheads are gags, and it's just a thing that appeals to the fans of that pairing.

Oh and, Arthur and Sue Ellen have a mutual crush in the books. Marc Brown even states that she's based on an old crush of his, so...

All I'm saying is, there are perfectly valid reason that I think Arthur and Sue Ellen could work. If you like ArCine, that's fine, I won't bug you for it. But it seems like the two are warring for some reason...

Next OTP is:

Private-Detective(Fern x Buster)

She's shy, he's loud.
She's serious, he's foolish
She's Sherlock Holmes, he's Watson
She loves poetry, he loves jokes
She's brave, he's cowardly

Opposites attract as they say...
Alt pairings would be Fern and George, and Ladonna and Buster.


Mathematical chairs (Brain x Lydia)

I'm so glad that they brought Lydia back. I am. I hope she returns in a episode with Brain as the focus, so we could more fuel for this pairing.

Why do I like it?

Let's be honest, Brain is a bore. And an irritant, and a boring irritant, I could go on.
Lydia is a upbeat girl who can go to town on baskets despite being paraplegic. In the episode where she debuted, Brain's leg was in a cast and he was feeling down, but when Lydia showed him how to get by with a disability, he brightened up. And yes, she loves math too, but she's not a boredom. I could learn from her if she was a tutor. Brain, not so much...

Honestly, she made Brain a bit tolerable, and that's pretty impressive.

There are more pairings that I could devise for Arthur, but I kinda feel that I don't ship any couples as strong as the three I mentioned above, and in that exact order.
I know I'm a bit of a rebel in who I like together, but I want your thoughts. Who do you ship and why? Is there a reason you just like it? Or is there a lot of "evidence" (to you of course) that points it as the right choice? Feel free to leave comments below, we love discussions here.

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