My Health (Please ONLY Read if this DOESN'T annoy you)

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My Health (Please ONLY Read if this DOESN'T annoy you) Empty My Health (Please ONLY Read if this DOESN'T annoy you)

Post by WillArthurBusterandCarl50 on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:51 pm

I know I seem to talk about this everywhere I go, Deviant Art,, but I'm going to talk about it on this site too. And some of you have already read this or read about this.

Lately my health has been acting up. I've been having coughing fits, headaches, sometimes easy tiredness, fatigue, backaches, moving like an old person and I have found out that my blood pressure has been high. And last night my allergies increased, my nose was constantly running and that was annoying, constantly having to blow my nose.

But I have constantly not been feeling so well, or feeling like I haven't been feeling so well and it is hindering things, including making new fan fiction and fan art. I mean I want to do these things, but every time I plan to do, start, or finish a fan fiction or fan art project, especially a big one, and I'm currently working on two fanfics, well three but two of them are Arthur-related, I keep not feeling well and not up to it, or it's that I shouldn't be doing it and should be resting instead.

Maybe I'm just sick but what if I'm not "just sick?" I mean my mother's been sick for years and I may have some of what she has and autoimmune diseases run in my maternal part of the family, which means I could have it. I don't know if I have lupus though, but my mother does. So what if I'm sick with something that's not going to get better or go away?

What I really hope I don't have are cancer, Multiple-Sclurosis like one of my great aunts had, and she's dead now) or ALS, aka Lou G's Disease.

I went and had some lab work done about four weeks ago today and I'm still waiting for a call from my doctor or one of his nurses to call me with the results.

Now sometimes I have my good days and sometimes I have my bad days (I'm talking about my physical health not my emotions) as do my mother and others who have to deal with sickness or poor health, and it almost feels like a bad day right now. It's not that bad though but I've been having this for a long time and I'm almost sure something is wrong with me. Only what if it takes years to get me diagnosed with something, it did my mother and it could happen with me and what I have may not easily be detected. I mean likely nothing is wrong with me, but I'm keeping my eyes on my health.

But let's hope it's not cancer, MS, or especially ALS, if it is, it's only a matter of time.

I can still do things, thank goodness, as can my mother, but some things are not so easy to do anymore, even some normal activites. I think it was Friday but I felt good when I went to the store that morning, and I walked and took my wheeled walker. But minutes after I got there and more than half-way through my shopping, I started not to feel so well, even felt I was sensitive to bright light when swiping my bank card and punching in the Pin, the Cash Back? and the Amount Okay? And after I left the cash register I had to go sit down for a few minutes before walking back home. And I almost called a friend to bring me home but decided against it and dragged myself home.

And sometime last week, probably Monday, I made some spaghetti and even that took a bit out of me, not "bite," "bit" although bit is past-tense for bite, but even making that spaghetti wore me out.

Or is it that I don't have enough protein. Sometimes moving my arms (like to stir food in a big bowl or pot) or my legs (when I move around sitting in my walker) get tired, it's kind of like a work-out and didn't used to be a problem.

I'm only 30, have been since July, for almost four months, but I feel like I have the health of a 70-80, maybe 90-year old. But like I said, sometimes I am full of energy and can do things but other times, and this happens a lot, not just a few times, I feel like I cannot do much or don't feel up to doing some things.

If I find out anything for sure, I'll let you know, circumstances permitting.

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My Health (Please ONLY Read if this DOESN'T annoy you) Empty Re: My Health (Please ONLY Read if this DOESN'T annoy you)

Post by The Pop Cult Gamer on Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:08 pm

I think you need to eat more protein? Protein is actually really good for your immune system. But most importantly, excerise. As I already told you before, I am never on the computer when I am on here. I always in different places every time including outside the house. Walking is very healthy for you as I do it every day. It's actually one of my hobbies.
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