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Post by TheUltimateCombo on Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:32 am

What's the weirdest(and coolest) crossover you've done with Arthur? Crossover pairing, story, idea, drawing, etc.

I know DM7's done Arthur/Power Rangers(cool my friend), Will's done Arthur and the Trix rabbit. Person-who-shan't-be-named has done Arthur and Wordgirl over on the Net.
DASL did Arthur and Sonic, and Arthur and Franklin recently(god I loved Franklin when I was little)

So, while the aforementioned can share their stories of crossovers, so can you! Weirdest crossover with Arthur.

For me, I have one per category(except maybe the drawing):

Weirdest Pairing

Why that's easy, Arthur Read and Helen Lorraine from Martha Speaks.
Let's see, from what I can recall, the two shows are daringly similar, and even though the protagonists are switched(one is dog owner, one is dog), the two main "kids" (Arthur and Helen) are sort of similar.

For non-romantic pairings(Best Buds, for instance) Buster and T.D. from the same show. Both like wild theories that are seen as silly by the rest(aliens, wood creatures, and similar), and there personalities from what I recall are quite similar.

And D.W. and TJ from Wordgirl. Both are the younger siblings who annoy their older siblings to *Ahem* Hades and back.

Weirdest In-Story Crossover

Weirdest one I've actually written down... Well there was a dream sequence(that counts) where Arthur fought crime alongside Batman. The one, the only, Dark Knight Caped Crusader, Batman. It was cool. At the end of the story proper, I had Arthur's shadow look like his and Batman's.

Weirdest Crossover Idea

That hasn't been written down, or a pairing. An Arthur-Wordgirl crossover. Arthur would be dressed in a blue version of Wordgirl's outfit, called Wordboy(I never realized until recently how being a living dictionary is the dumbest power ever), and Pal would be called Captain Doggyface (where's the facepalm emoji?) I was like 9 when I though of this, so, slack please. Some of Arthur's supports were the villains.

Ed Crosswire = Mr. Big
Buster = Dr. Two-Brains(voiced by the totally awesome Tom Kenny!)
The Tibbles = Two-Brain's henchmen
George = Tobey (that's his name right?)
Binky = Either the Butcher or Chuck (I forget honestly)

Also, some of you who've read my stories know of Robert Read and Richard Baxter, Arthur and Buster's adopted brothers. They were inspired by the idea of Spongebob and Patrick being brothers of our two favorite best friends. That's how Kermit Read was born, too.

So, enough about me, what about you? Comment your absolute craziest yet coolest Arthur-related crossovers.

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Arthur related crossovers Empty Re: Arthur related crossovers

Post by WillArthurBusterandCarl50 on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:35 pm

I crossed Arthur and Fairly Odd Parents but not in a fan story, in picture instead

Arthur related crossovers Timmy_10

Come to think of it I did these other crossovers (note, the preceding picture and the following are not my work, just some already-made images I found and used

Arthur related crossovers Arthur11

The Arthur characters with guest-star Timmy Turner (just for my personal enjoyment because I really love the two cartoons these characters appear in, and I'd like to dream of this or something like this (when I'm asleep)

Arthur related crossovers Arthur10

I too did a crossover between Arthur and Franklin! This is a great and admittedly better crossover than Arthur and Fairly Odd Parents, TUC, am I right? And definitely better than Fairly Odd Parents and Franklin though they're both Nick shows, except one is on Nickelodeon and the other is, or was, on Nick Jr.

That's not all, how about something more "The Tortoise and the Hare?"
Arthur related crossovers Franki10

Yep, I combined Buster Baxter, who's not a hare but rather a rabbit (for those who didn't know, and I didn't know this until I was 26 years old, there's a difference between rabbits and hares. I thought hare was another name for a rabbit but that's not the case,) with Franklin who is a Turtle, although I'm not totally sure he's a tortoise since tortoises are land-turtles and there are sea-turtles that are just called sea-turtles if I'm not mistaken.

And one of these days I'd like to do picture crossovers of the Arthur characters with the Maya and Miguel characters.

Also, there was a crossover story of Arthur and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but like TUC, I'm not mentioning the name either.


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